What is Primary

Discover the Zero Trust Browser designed to help enterprises secure and scale the new generation of distributed work.
Built for enterprises of all sizes, PRIMARY was developed from the ground up with the cybersecurity, encryption, and data management tools to secure, manage, and scale a diverse + distributed hybrid workforce.

The shift to remote work and dramatic increase in frequency and cost of cyberattacks on SMEs has highlighted the need for a new kind of browser designed specifically for the new generation of work. With the ubiquity of cloud-based SaaS applications and increased reliance on remote access to internal enterprise resources, the browser has become the central point of access to a corporation’s proprietary data and IP, and the central point of vulnerability for the most common cyberattacks.

PRIMARY is an Enterprise Browser pre-built with an extensive toolbox of cybersecurity and encryption features which allows any size business to frictionlessly secure, manage, and scale a location-agnostic workforce.

BYOD Solved

Primary isolates the browser application from malware infected endpoints or unsecured devices…providing remote workers safe + secure access to the corporate cloud on any personal devices.

Data Sovereignty

Ensure that sensitive data is only unencrypted in specific, well-defined policy domains. Utilize Primary to programmatically enforce these policies in a hybrid or remote setting.

3rd Party Contractors

Utillize Primary to govern how contractors use or access your internal corporate resources. Easily set and enforce policies around the apps and  functions they are permitted to access.

Forensic Audit Logs

Greatly reduce the time and cost of any cyberattack by implementing granular, policy-based audit logs direct from the browser itself.